How to make a WordPress post sticky?

Make a WordPress post sticky in a few simple steps.

You may like to make a WordPress post sticky for various reasons. It might be doing very well traffic wise – or because it is an important post and you want your blog readers to find it easy by putting on the front page etc. If you are new to blogging or don’t know what a sticky post is, a sticky post means that it stays (sticks) on your blog’s home page contrary to a normal post that gets shifted when a newer post arrives.

So lets find out how to do it;

Step 1. You will need to log into your WordPress.


Step 2. Go to your dashboard.


Step 3. Click on Posts


Step 4. Now select the post that you want to edit to make it sticky


Step 5. If you now look at the right hand side column of the post you will see various editing options for it, click on “edit” which is found under the post’s “visibility” option.


Step 6. And tick the box that says “stick this post to the front page“.  Once done, you can publish it and check your blog’s home page. The post should now be on the top of the page and will stick there.

Hope it has helped!